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Beautiful Amy, You are 3 years old!

Dear Beautiful Amy. You are three years old, and I can't believe how fast time is flying. You are my big girl, and you wont hear anyone call you a baby without a stern word. [...]

Up Your Income: Surveys

Surveys Surveys are a fantastic way of using your spare time to up your income. I will add to this post as I discover new survey websites, if I have missed any, please comment [...]

Why we choose to live on a small income

Long term readers of my blog, (Hi, Mr T) will know that our mission is to be mortgage free by forty, which probably makes us sound quite wealthy, but the truth is we live on [...]

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We are a young family of six from Yorkshire, UK.

We write about our journey to lead a happy, modest, simple, frugal & green life.

We are inspired by minimalism, financial independance & positive thinking.

We love capturing our memories with words and photography.

We embrace the simple things, from jumping in puddles to warm hot chocolate with marshmallows.